Terms of service

For the purpose of these Terms of Sale, wherever the context so requires "You" or "User" or "Buyer" shall mean any natural or legal person who has agreed to become a buyer on the Website by visiting and purchasing products on the Website as Registered User by signing up on the Website www.lovesexplores.com( "We", "Us", "Our" ) also allows the User to surf the Website or making purchases without registering on the Website.

Our sole discretion is at our sole discretion, to modify, change the terms of sale, or to remove sections or clauses of the Terms of Sale at any point without prior notice in writing to You. It is your responsibility to check these Terms of Sales regularly to check for any updates or changes and stay informed of the latest version. The continued use of this Website following the publication of changes will signify that you agree to the changes. If You are in compliance with these Conditions of Sale, We give You a limited, personal non-exclusive, non-transferable restricted right to access and access the Website.

Making purchases, browsing or using the Website in any way implies your acceptance and agreement to all conditions and terms in this Terms of Sale Please review all the terms of Sale carefully prior to deciding to make purchases. By implicitly or explicitly accepting this Terms of Sale you also agree to be bound by OTHER policies (including but not the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions). Policy along with Terms and Condition) which may be updated from time-to-time.

1. Terms and Conditions

1.1.You as a buyer are aware that by initiating an Transaction You enter into an legally binding and legally binding contract with the Website for the purchase of items from Us through payment Facility as outlined in this document and you are bound by the Website to settle for Transaction Price via the account of your Issuing Bank to the Website by using the payment Facility.

1.2.When You utilize any of the products sold through Us on the Website, which includes but is not limited to (e.g. Product Reviews) You are bound by the rules and guidelines and policies, as well as terms and conditions applicable to that service. These will be considered to be part of the terms of sale and will be considered to be an integral part of the terms of sale.

1.3.You accept to purchase Products through the website exclusively through payment Facility or payment gateways provided by the Website and in conformity to the terms of sale in these Conditions of Sale and other terms.

1.4.You are bound at the date at the time of Purchase become bound to these terms and conditions set out in the document.

1.5.The accessibility of the Product in the sale option on the Website is dependent upon the availability of products. We will not be held responsible for keeping an eye for the status of stocks. Restocking of the Product will be carried out once every 15 days. This is without previous notice of the buyer. However, there could be instances where the Product is not available for delivery to You following the time that the purchase order has been made and completed by Us.
In this case We are entitled to cancel such purchase or order transaction based upon the supply of the product ors that you have ordered as when you have completed the purchase without recourse to You, the buyer, and without any responsibility to Us. If the order is cancelled following the time that the payment is completed, the amount that was you have paid towards the purchase of the item will be reversed/remitted to the buyer either through the bank account supplied by the buyer for this reverse or by the payment method used by You . We shall be in the sole authority to decide the method of reverse from the payment options used or available.

2. Pricing and Payment

2.1.The selling price of the Product may be subject to change without giving an prior notification to the Buyer. However, no change will be applied to the selling price of the Product after an order has been made by the buyer for the purchase of the product. The products displayed on the Website are offered on an "as-is" basis, as per the terms of Us but due technical reasons there could be a small color differences between the products that are displayed on the Website or a changes in the selling price shown on the Website owing to changes in prices or taxes from the producer of the product that will be rectified by Us when the change is brought to Our notice. Any acceptance of an order by the buyer of the product that is subject to the change in selling price at Our discretion, not be an acceptable acceptance, and any purchase will at our discretion, annulled by Us. We are not responsible for any omission or error in the size of the dimensions listed below the product since the size dimension of Products were shared in the hands of us by the manufacturer.

2.2.All prices displayed in relation to any product on the Website will be exclusive of tax and all additional taxes if applicable, unless specifically stated otherwise.

2.3.The selling price of the Product advertised on the Website will be the final price, and it is not subject to any discounts or promotions being made available by the Website during the time being, and the same offered by you, will be binding on the buyer. The Buyer is required to follow all the rules, conditions and terms for the products available on the Website for sale, as described as part of, however not restricted to, the Terms of Sales and the Terms of Use.

2.4.All payments made in connection with the purchase of a product must be done in accordance with the payment gateways that are available to you on the Website. That is to mean that any other payment method are acknowledged by the website, except for those listed in the website.

2.5.Cash upon Delivery (COD) The payment option is also offered on the Website for buyers of the products that are being sold, subject to the condition that you adhere to the conditions set out herein. Orders up to Rs. 15,000 can be made using this payment method. Any payments made under this method must be in cash only after the delivery of the product/s bought by the Buyer. However, any purchase orders made by You and destined to be made by COD is able only for a maximum amount that does not exceed the amount of Rs. 15,000or any other limit that is determined By Us at any time time. If Your purchase at any period of time exceeds the limit of 15,000/- or any other amount set by Us from time to time. 15,000or more (or any other amount set by us) You will be required to pay the amount through any payment method that is electronic, such as NEFT/RTGS and IMPS or electronic wallet.

2.6.You are not able to cancel any order once the product is purchased after the website has accepted the order and processed the order to dispatch or deliver, or refuse to accept delivery despite the delivery attempts that have been made three times. When you consistently (for continuously 4 times) don't take the product you have ordered in this option after the purchase has been sent by Us and you do not accept the order, then you will be banned from purchasing any product using this method of payment.

2.7.All payments must be made by you using Debit/Credit Card / PayTM / Freecharge/Mobiquick UPI/Rupay / Amazon Pay/ Phone Pe/Paypal/Cash on Delivery/Gift vouchers or coupons to the Website during purchases of the products or services on the Website.

2.8.The Website will process shipping of the product you purchase on the Website after the payment you made is confirmed by the payment gateway, the wallet or bank as described in the Terms. If that a purchase order is made through You, and the payment is made using a gift card, voucher or coupon the order will be accepted once the Gift card/ voucher or coupon is authenticated or confirmed by us as to its validity.

2.9.In the event of a transaction is initiated by You but not approved or processed successfully by the payment gateway, wallet or bank, but the transaction has been removed from your bank account or bank or payment gateway (as the situation is) In the event of such a situation, the Website Provider/Company is not responsible or for any such error on the part Your payment gateway, the bank or wallet.

2.10.This Website may contain hyperlinks to other websites which are not owned, endorsed, or controlled by or linked to Us. We are not accountable for the accuracy, content or the opinions expressed on these websites or links of third parties We do not examine or monitor the websites for accuracy or completeness. Any inclusion on this Website of link from a third party or any third-party site on this website does not mean that we approve or endorsement of these websites or links by Us. If You quit this Website in order to access these websites You are doing it at your own risk.

3. Delivery

3.1.You as a Buyer accept the terms of the Website that regardless of the circumstances that there should be an extension or rise in the Dispatch and/or delivery time due to any reason any reason, You will be informed accordingly via the contact details supplied by You.

3.2.We offer availability information for products offered by Us on our Website, and on every page that contains information about the product. Beyond the information we provide on the webpage or elsewhere on the website, we are not able to provide more details about the availability of the product. The Product/s are estimated to arrive within 8-10 days from the time that the Product/s have been delivered from our warehouse. Be aware that the estimated time of dispatch and delivery given for each item are only estimates and are not definitive and cannot be relied on for any reason. The time of delivery and dispatch will depend on being able to supply the product ordered by You, the delivery address and the company that is contracted by Us to fulfil your order. Once We process your order, You will be notified via email if the Product/s you have purchased by You prove to be out of stock.

3.3.The Ownership of the Product as well as other rights and interests in the Product/s are immediately transferred to You from Us after the delivery of the Product and upon payment in full of the cost of the Product/s. When the Product is delivered and paid for the Buyer is deemed to be accepted by the products. The risk of loss or damage to the Product due to any cause whatsoever passes to the buyer upon the delivery of the Product, in the event of an issue with the manufacturing process or a physical injury to the product during transportation from our end or the end of the carrier company.

3.4.In the event that your order is not able to be handled by logistic services i.e. the carrier company or Us or the address supplied by You is not located in the area covered by Us to ship the order on the acknowledgement form You can either supply an alternate address for shipping on which the product can get delivered either by the logistic service provider or through Us or, if you do not have the alternate address for shipping We can decide to cancel your order in such a circumstance requires by advising you of our inability to deliver the item to the address you have provided.

3.5.Please take note that there is no guarantee of dispatch time. Any information on the dispatch time is only an estimate and shouldn't be relied upon as the case. Thus, time is not the sole purpose of the bi-partite contractual agreement that is entered into between You and Us for purchase and selling of Product via the Website. But, the Product will not be transferred to You unless you make the payment for the purchase of the Product.

4. Refunds And Returns

4.1.In the event that you as the buyer are entitled to Refunds, You may get a reimbursement of the selling price (as your sole and only solution) when you don't receive the the product/s purchased and ordered through You.. If You do not submit a refund claim through the our website within the stipulated period (which is seven days from the date you placed the order) This will render you ineligible to receive a refund.

4.2. If a refund is required and electronic payments, all electronic transactions or cash-on-delivery refunds or cash on delivery refunds, if any, must be processed through a payment facility that utilizes NEFT/RTGS or any other online banking/ electronic funds transfer service that has been approved by Reserve Bank India (RBI) Refunds are given at the Bank that the payment for the product was made, or by any other method accessible on the Website you choose.

4.3.Refunds are available for selected banks only. If Your banking provider does not allow refunds processing, you must provide information about your alternate bank account to us in order to process the refund.

4.4.Refund will be subject to condition and will be made with recourse for Us in the event of any violation or violation of Refund Policy of the buyer.

4.5.We could also ask you to provide us with additional documentation to confirm.

4.6.Refund is contingent upon Buyer's compliance with the policies.

4.7.In the event that a the payment is made by you using a gift card or voucher or coupon that We issue and the refund, if there is one will be credited in points to the gift card or coupon or voucher of the buyer. The points that are credited will be in the amount of a selling price of the item which the Buyer purchased.

4.8.In case of untrue or unfounded complaints about the quality or delivery of the product/s delivered, you will not be eligible for a refund or replacement.

4.9.Before receiving the delivery of any Product the buyer must assure that the Product and the packaging of the Product isn't damaged or altered.

4.10.The return procedure for the Product could require additional conditions dependent on the nature and class of the item. Any additional terms that are applicable will be stated through the site or communicated by the Seller when you purchasing the product.

4.11.We cannot accept returns or exchanges of products that aren't suitable for you. Most of our products are personal in nature and we encourage you to ask us questions at vr485633@gmail.com, before confirming your order.

4.12.In the event that You being eligible for a refund in any of the circumstances stipulated in these Terms of Sale and having purchased a Product from Our Website, while taking advantage of any offer coupons, discounts or other offers that We offer, you are entitled to Refunds only for the amount that You paid when you made the purchase, after having availed the offer/s, discount or coupons. You are not in a position to claim an amount of money back on the cost of the Product before taking advantage of any offer discount coupons or discounts.

5. Discreet Packaging

5.1.We have a customized logistics system that we have in place for our clients in India. Since we are aware of your desire for privacy, we have put in more effort to make sure that your order is shipped safely, securely shipped and discreetly, and is promptly delivered. We have joined forces with top shippers, including ShipRocket. With an efficient and linked network, your package will be delivered inside a well-padded box. There will be no information that is visible on the packaging of what the item is. The shipping label will only mention Our name, Lovesexplore, & Our address so there shall be no mention of Our Website https://lovesexplore.com/ nor would there be any company branding on the package.

6. Warranties and Rights

6.1.We retain the rights to deny or refuse to process or accept / complete transactions of Buyers who have previous record of "Order delivered, but delivery refused", "Frequent return of the product", "Refusing to pay COD prior to checking the product/s", "repeated rescheduling of delivery dates", "providing incorrect / incomplete shipping address" etc. not to mention breaking any contract between Buyer and Us or violation of any law or charges imposed by the Issuing Bank or breach of any of the policies mentioned herein.

6.2.In the event that you select COD as your method of payment You will be notified via call at the number, which you provided to us after which, upon confirmation of the Order with our executive during the call, the Order will be accepted at our conclusion. If, however, You are not available to take the call to confirm the Order 3 times consecutively Your Order will be in revocation. If you are confirming your Order via the site, should you select COD as the payment method You will receive an OTP via the contact number that you provide Once the OTP is entered into the appropriate box, Your Order will be accepted.

6.3.You agree that We will not be responsible for any losses, damages, interest or claims. resulting from not processing a Transaction/Transaction Price or any delay in processing a Transaction/Transaction Price which is beyond Our control.

6.4.The coupons, rewards or that are awarded to you may be subject to modification or cancellation at our discretion.

6.5.The Coupons will be valid for a certain period of time and you cannot use such Coupons/offers following the expiry date of the Coupons/offers.

6.6.We are at liberty to remove such Coupons/offers whenever we decide, and such cancellation of any offer shall be final and binding for You.

6.7.You are entitled to take advantage of only offers that have been made available to you on behalf of your account via the Website or in any other way, and no offers from other website or third-party is available on Our Website. The offers that are awarded through use are at Our discretion.

6.8.You are bound by any other terms that can be formulated through Us periodically on our Website, or on any conditions stated in any of the offers offered by Us or these terms of sale.

7. Conformity With Laws

7.1.As stipulated by applicable law, if you make an order for a product or service in excess of INR 2,00,000.00or less It is Your responsibility to upload a scan of your PAN Card on the Website within four days of making the purchase. If you fail to do so the purchase you that You made is be considered to be cancelled or canceled. The requirement to provide the PAN card will only be required once and, if the card was submitted previously by You the card is not required to be submitted a second time. If there is any discrepancy between the name of the customer and the name appearing on the PAN Card, your order will be canceled.

7.2.We will abide by all lawful requirements (including without limitation all Act and Circulars and Regulations that may be or issued from time to time by the Reserve Bank of India from time to time. Information and Technology Act, 2000, as amended by the Information Technology (Amendment) Act 2008. Prevention of Money Laundering Act 2002 and the rules made in the Income Tax Act, 1961 and the rules in the Income Tax Act, 1961 and the rules made thereunder.

7.3.We have researched and studied the laws that apply in India in relation to our Products. We assume the full responsibility for our products that we offer, which means you as the buyer do not need to be concerned about the same. We deliver your order to your doorstep via a reliable regional courier service in a discreet box. Your privacy is our primary requirement and the premise of our business.

8. Cancellations of orders

8.1.When You make the order for a Product from us, You will get an email (as supplied by You) to confirm acceptance of Your order as well as with details about Your purchase (the "Order Confirmation Email"). Once the Order Confirmation Email has been received by you, Your order will be considered to have been confirmed. Once you have confirmed Your Order, You will be notified via email that Your Product has been sent out to be delivered (the "Dispatch Confirmation email").

8.2.You are free to revoke Your purchase of any Product with no cost or charge at any time after We Have sent a Dispatch Confirmation email relating to that product to You.

8.3.Cancellation from Us We might be able to cancel certain orders we cannot accept or complete, and in such a case, We will be able to cancel the order. The right to cancel any order is reserved by us in Our absolute discretion to reject the order or to cancel it due to any reason at all. Certain circumstances that could cause Your order to be cancellations include, without limitation the non-availability of the product or quantities you ordered or inaccurate or incorrect pricing information, etc. We may also ask for additional verifications or other information prior to making any purchase. All cancellations or changes will be without legal recourse to You and without responsibility on our Part, excluding the amount paid by You, in order to purchase the product. If a Buyer's order is cancelled and the payment is processed, the payment that the buyer made will be refunded or reversed according to Our Refund Policy as stated in the preceding paragraphs of Clause 4. You.. If a promotional code, which is provided by Us on our Website, or in any other place that is used to make a buying of a Product or other item, the amount credited that is a result of such code will not be refunded in the event the order is cancelled. The above provisions in Clause 8.3 is the only remedy for You in case of any cancellation of purchase order that We make by Us.

8.4.Cancellation by the buyer in the event of requests for cancellation of orders made by You, we are entitled to take or decline the request for cancellation of orders regardless of reason. As a standard procedure, if We receive a cancellation notification and the order is not completed, we may choose to decide to cancel your order, and then refund the entire amount to the buyer (in conformity with our Refund Policy that is outlined in the above mentioned Clause 4) with a suitable time of time. We are unable to cancel orders that have been completed by us. You are not able to contest the same because Our decision on cancellation of orders will be final and binding for You.

8.5.Set-off from any benefit accessed by the Buyer: If the Buyer has benefited from any benefit in any of the promotional or marketing campaign offered by Us with respect to the product/s for which the order was cancelled either by You or Us You agree that these benefits will not be able to be set-off, or to be utilized in any upcoming transactions.

9. Modifications Or Changes Regarding Conditions

9.1.We have the option of making modifications to our policies or these Terms and Conditions of Sale, at anytime. You will be bound by the terms and policies of Sale in effect when you place an order for products at our store, subject to the condition that a modifications to those policies or these terms is required by law or the authority of a government (in which case, the same applies to orders you previously made). Should any condition of the terms are deemed to be invalid, unenforceable or, for any reason, inapplicable, the clause will be considered severable, and will have no effect on the validity or forcefulness of the other conditions.

10. Replacement Policy

10.1. If in the unlikely event that you receive a Product that is not in good condition, fails to perform, or ceases to work within 7 days after delivery Please contact us immediately, either via phone or via our website. The majority of manufacturers provide an "replacement warranty" and we'll try our best to assist you in obtaining your replacement promptly and easily. It is possible to request an exchange for a defective product that you received, excluding the ones that are specifically marked as being non-returnable on the product's webpage. The products can be returned when they are received in a condition that's physically damaged, missing or damaged parts that are defective or differ from the description provided on the product's page that is available on Our Website.

10.2. If any of the products you purchase and discovered to be inoperable or is not working or ceases to function according to Clause 10.1 10.2, the defective item will be replaced only after an announcement of the same is received by us within 7 days after delivery, following which the item will not be exchanged or returned by us despite the product's defect.

10.3. In spite of anything of Clause 10.1 or 10.2 mentioned above and 10.2, it is your agreement that the item you wish to be returned or replaced is received by us only in the event that it is not used and the tags that are attached to the item are present. If the product/s that you have requested return or replacement has been discovered to have been not being used or tags are missing on the item, we will be at liberty to refuse to accept item, regardless of the time period in which the request for the replacement or return is requested by you.

11. Events That Go Way Above The Reasonable Control Of Our Security

11.1.We will not be held accountable and/or responsible to you for delays or failure to conform with the conditions of these terms in the event that the delay or failure results from a reason beyond our control. This clause does not affect your rights under the law.

12. Waiver

12.1.If you violate one or more of these conditions, and we don't take any action, we will be entitled to exercise our remedies and rights in any other circumstance in which you violate these conditions.

13. Amendment

13.1.We reserve the option to change or alter or modify any of the terms and conditions in these Conditions of Sale.

14. Jurisdiction

14.1.This terms of Sale Policy shall be subject to the laws of India and the courts in Mumbai only shall have sole authority over all matters related to or arising out of this Agreement.

15. User Eligibility

15.1.You will not be able to become a user or Buyer on our Website if you're under 21 years old age. If You have been found to be younger than 21 years old We will be in a position to exclude You from Our Website.

16. Contact Us

16.1.You can contact us via the addresses listed below. We will reply to You within 3 business days. Include Your Order's number in the Subject line of your email, if you are seeking our help regarding an order you've placed. This shall help Us respond to Your query faster lovesexplore@gmail.com