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Lovesexploer as well as its affiliates and subsidiaries, respects their privacy and that of customers/users as well as employees, business partners and website visitors ("you").

This Privacy Policy explains the different ways we collect and use your personal information and the ways you can make use of your rights to privacy. Take the time to go through this Privacy Policy and any related declarations in full to make sure you are completely aware.

Should you have concerns or questions regarding our handling of your personal data, please reach us via the contact information provided at the bottom of this Privacy Statement.

Read carefully this Privacy Policy carefully and ensure that you are aware of it. The acceptance of the Privacy Policy will be considered to have occurred when you first access or use our site (our web site). If you do not agree and agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy, then you must quit using our website immediately.

What is this policy's coverage?

Our Privacy Policy governs our privacy practices with regard to the gathering of, use and disclosure of data via websites that provide links with this Privacy Policy (our "Website"). This Privacy Policy is only applicable to the usage of our website. Our website may contain hyperlinks that lead to websites of other companies. We are aware that we do not have any control over the way your personal information is used, stored or utilized by other websites. We recommend that you read their privacy guidelines of all sites before submitting any information to them.
Our Privacy Policy addresses our privacy practices in relation to the gathering information, use, and disclosure of personal information through:


The Privacy policy (the "Privacy policy ") clarifies the nature of our business and how we collect the personal data of you, the data we gather about you, and the ways we can use or disclose this information to you in connection with the website. The Privacy Policy also outlines the measures we employ to safeguard the privacy of your personal information as well as records, and the ways you can reach us with questions about how we handle privacy concerns. To be used in this Privacy Policy Personal Information is any information that pertains to an individual that can be identified through the data or the combination of a set of data that either directly or in indirect ways is given by an individual when a person is on the site. Personal data includes basic information regarding you, such as your name, contact details and other information as well as additional information like identification numbers or electronic location information and other internet-based identification numbers.

Information Gathered And Analyzed

You can browse our website without providing any information regarding yourself However, the data that we collect includes:

Information you give us voluntarily us:

The data you enter when contacting us via our website is your name, address and contact information, company details, email address or any other details you provide on our website.

Information about your computer and your use and visits of this Site like information about your Internet Protocol (IP) address information, your demographics, operating system, your the type of browser you use and data collected through cookies.

If you have a concern on our Website.

Participate in an event or contest we will sponsor.
If you sign-up to access the demo or developer instances for our cloud-based service.
When you fill out any form on our website

Information from third party sources:

In the future we may collect and utilize data we get regarding you from third parties when you usage of our Website. We rely on third-party companies for analytics and reporting to assess efficiency of our website as well as our marketing strategies and to determine areas to improve. We may combine data we get from third parties together with the information you supply us to improve, update or provide you with personalised details about our services and products.

We collect information as you browse the website:

While you browse this website, we could also collect information regarding your visit to the Site, including an IP address and use patterns information, traffic data, logs, location data and other data from communications, as well as the websites you visit and details about your computer and Internet connection such as your Operating System and type of browser.

We also gather certain types of information through cookies and similar tracking technology. For more details, please look up the Cookies Policy.

The use of Personal Information

We collect your personal information and use it to improve the site to enhance accessibility and user experience.
Your personal data may also be used to fulfill the following functions.To reach you or to respond to you regarding your requests (regarding the products or services we offer) or to answer your questions.
To give you access to desired content that you would like to access based on your preferences.
We will use this information to contact you regarding any products or services we offer
to use this information in order to send your Order that we receive according to the shipping details provided from you.
Send you copies of the invoice, order and any other documents for your order. Furthermore, the information will be used to update you with the status of your Order or to contact you in the event there is any issue or discrepancy when placing an order.
In order to protect the funds paid by you to cover the purchase or purchase of the product.
For benchmarking, analysis of industry trends and analytics, marketing and for other business-related purposes.
To monitor your browsing habits to track your browsing habits, including the websites that you viewed over time, to track your usage for analytics as well as for marketing purposes. To perform the obligations we have taken and to enforce rights that arise from any agreements made between us and you, and/or you and our clients, such as not limiting our Terms of Service for Websites.
To inform you of any updates to our website or to obtain any consent required.

10. We will allow you to participate in interactive functions of our Website, should you wish to.

11. To contact you to promote our services, if you have opted in to the same in accordance with your preferences for marketing (for example, we could make use of your data to communicate with you in order to discuss your interest in our products and services) that could include contact via email, text message, phone call or send you information, updates and special offers about our products and services. You will not receive any illegal marketing or other communications. We will strive to ensure that your rights are protected and meet your rights in the Information Technology Act, 2000 and you have the right to unsubscribe. If you request us to be in touch with you about products and services, we can utilize your personal information, or allow selected third-party companies to use your personal data to contact you regarding such products and services. You may opt out at any time by clicking the "Unsubscribe" button that is included in our emails that we send to you.

11.1 1. Both Users and Us shall comply with the requirements of the Information Technology (Reasonable Security Practices and Procedures, as well as Sensitive Personal Data or Information) Rules 2011. Concerning personal data that are hosted through Us as a representative of the User in accordance with the Information Technology Rules, 2011 the User is the data controller. We are the processor.

11.2 You must make sure that, with regard the User Site(s) as well as any and the User Content you create you have all the required and required consents and notifications in place to permit the legal transfer of your personal information to Us to host your site.

11.3 All personal information processed by Us (as a processor of data) on behalf of you (as a data controller) as a result of hosting our Platform and providing your Site(s) for your User Site(s) is processed according to the provisions of Information Technology (Reasonable Security Practices and Procedures for Sensitive Personal Data or information) Rules, 2011.

How we share information collected

We are able to disclose any your personal information you give for us, to one or more of the following types of recipients:
Our affiliates and subsidiaries who will only use it to fulfill the purposes set out in this Privacy Statement.

To our business partners, and service providers who assist us with our business, or who offer services on our behalf. If you decide to share your data with sponsors or business partners Your information is subject to their privacy policies of the business partner or sponsor. 

A potential buyer (and its advisors and agents) for any merger, acquisition or other the sale, transfer or exchange of any or all our assets (including the instance of a reorganization or liquidation, or dissolution) In such a case, your any personal information we have about you would be one of the assets that are transferred to the acquirer or buyer.

To anyone else with your consent to disclosure.

To any competent law enforcement body, regulatory, government agency, court or other third party to: (i) comply with any court order, a request from any competent law enforcement agency, or any other legal obligation; (ii) enforce or apply our Website Terms & Conditions or terms of any other agreement; (iii) and protect the rights, property, or safety of the host/website

Information about personal details that is disclosed

We don't disclose or sell your personal information to any other third-party or website for marketing or promotion purposes. However, certain details may be made available to the following types of recipients:
To our affiliates and subsidiaries that will use the information only for the purposes specified in this Privacy Statement.

A potential buyer (and its advisors and agents) for any merger, acquisition or other proposal or any other sale or transfer of any or all our assets (including in the case of a reorganization, liquidation or dissolution) In such a case, your any personal information that we hold regarding you would be one of the assets that are transferred to the purchaser or acquirer.

We utilize your information to communicate with courier and logistics partners as well as sponsors, associates contractors, affiliates, and affiliates to assist us in our business. If you decide to share your personal information with our business partners or sponsors, your personal information are subject to your privacy statement of the business partner or sponsor. policy;

To obey all court orders, demand from a police agency or to comply with any other legal obligation

To make sure that we adhere to our Website's Terms and Conditions or the conditions of any other contract;
To ensure our rights and property or security on our site or anyone else;

Any other person who has your permission to disclose;

When you make an order through our Website You agree and give your consent to us using sensitive information about you to Third Parties who work in conjunction with Us or for us in various sectors and types of business. We will share, divulge or transfer your information or personal data to anyone Third Party or provide Your Personal Information or Data or Information to Any Third Party in connection with our business needs or for the reasons stated in this Policy.
These Third Parties are required to handle Your Personal Data or Information they receive from us in a legal safe and responsible manner, in line with this Policy and current laws, and to take appropriate measures to protect confidentiality and security to ensure that they do not make use of Your Personal Data or Information to serve their own interests or provide Your Personal Data or Information to third parties. The Company and no Third Party will publish Your Personal Data or Information.

Legitimate Basis of Processing

We generally obtain personal information about you only when you have given us your consent to collect it or where we require the information in order to fulfill the terms of a contract we have to you or if we are processing it in our legitimate interest and is not overridden by your privacy interests or your fundamental rights and freedoms. In certain circumstances we might also be under an obligation under law to collect your personal data from you.

If you have concerns about or require additional information about the legal basis upon the basis of which we collect and process your personal data, please get in touch with us using the contact information provided under our "Contact Information" section below.

Your personal information is kept secure

In addition to the information mentioned in the Privacy policy, we may decide not to disclose your personal data to any other third party affiliates, as mentioned above. You are also entitled to withdraw your consent in the event that you have given it, to provide your personal data by contacting us.

Our policies for data retention and procedures are designed to ensure that we are in compliance with our legal obligations relating to the storage and deletion of personal information. The personal data we collect for any purpose are not kept for any longer than three or five years.

In certain circumstances, it's impossible for us to determine in advance the duration of time that your personal information are kept. In such instances we will decide the retention period in accordance with the reasonable requirements basis. We might keep your personal data if such retention is required for compliance to a lawful obligation the which we're subordinate or to safeguard your vital rights or the vital interest of a natural person. We can keep your personal data for a reasonable period of time, based on the terms and conditions mandated by the laws of the land.

At any point, you can opt out of data processing that uses any of your Personal Data, on legitimate reasons, provided that it is allowed by law. If you think your privacy rights guaranteed by the applicable laws on data protection has been violated Please contact us via the details provided in the following section, which is titled "Contact Contact Us."

In the event of any misuse or infringement or misuse Personal Data occurs on a third-party website, we will not be held responsible for any violation or misuse of any kind or manner.

Where DO We store your personal DATA?

All the User Personal Data collected are stored by us alone in our


i. We will not disclose all of your private information with third parties to any purpose with the exception of one crucial exception. In certain situations, we could be legally obligated to disclose certain personal information that could include yours, in the event that we are in legal proceedings, or if we are complying with a legal obligation or a court order or the directives from a government authority. It is however to be mentioned that section 69 in the Act provides an exemption to the rule of maintaining of confidentiality and privacy of the data, states that if the government considers it required in the interest of:
the integrity or sovereignty of India,
defense of India,
security of the State
friendship with other States or
public order or
to prevent incitement to the perpsuasion of any offence related to the above or
for the purpose of investigating any offence,

ii. It is possible to by order, authorize any agency of the appropriate government to intercept, monitor, or decrypt or allow to be intercepted or observed or decrypted any data created, transmitted, received or stored within any computing resource. This section allows the government to monitor, intercept or decrypt any type of information, including personal information within every computer system.

iii. When the information is so important that it should be disclosed in the public interest The Government can require disclosure of the information. Information about actions that are detrimental to security of the nation, or breaches of law, fraud that is a statutory duty could fall under this class.

How can I access my PERSONAL DATA?

If you'd like to know the personal information we hold on you, you can inquire about the details about the personal data and a copy of it (where any of the data is stored). This is referred to as"subject access request" "subject access request".

Subject access requests must be submitted in writing and emailed to the addresses for postal or email that are listed under"Condition "Contact Information."
There is usually no cost for an access request. However in the event that your request is "clearly insubstantial or excessive" (for instance, if it is deemed excessive or you request repeatedly) there may be a fee paid to cover our administrative expenses in responding.

Our response will be to you within request for access request within four weeks and in all cases it should not exceed 7 days after receiving the request. In general, we will give a complete answer, including the duplicate of all your personal information within the timeframe. In certain situations however, particularly in the event that requests are more complicated and time-consuming, additional time could be required, up to a maximum of 3 months from the day we or I received your request. We will keep you informed about the progress we make.

Websites that are LINKED or THIRD PARTY

This Website could contain links to other websites that aren't managed or owned by us. Therefore, this Privacy Policy is not applicable to any information collected on a third-party site or third-party software that could link with or access through the Website. This Privacy Policy doesn't cover information that is collected by our customers, business partners, as well as other third-party companies or apps or other services regardless of whether the information is gathered through our website.

The Website does not have any responsibility for conditions, privacy policy or policies, or any other content that a connected website or a other third party may post on their site.

Security Of Data

All information that is received from us through our website is kept and stored in accordance with the information provided in the previous paragraphs of this Policy.
In addition to everything that is contained in this Policy All data stored by us secured and protected in a safe way and all acceptable and suitable security procedures and practices have been implemented by us, including administrative physical security, and technological security measures to protect your personal information.


We don't knowingly gather personal information from anyone who is under 21, who is not legally able to do so. If you're under the age of 21 Do not attempt to complete our forms, provide any personal information regarding yourself to us or make the order. If we discover there was an Order or Orders from a child who is not 21, we will end the order as soon as possible and not permit the child to make any further orders in the future.

Private Policy Update

We can alter our practices for data privacy and revise this Privacy Policy at any time there is a need. If we make significant modifications in this Privacy Policy we will notify you via an appropriate online announcement or an announcement each time you visit the site and get your consent when required by law.

You are entitled to either give your consent or deny the privacy policy. However there are certain areas of the site may not be accessible to users based on the permission given by you. We recommend that you read the Privacy Policy on a regular basis to keep up-to-date on any changes or updates we have implemented.

You can find out when this Privacy Statement was most recently revised by examining the "effective date" date that appears on the front the Privacy Statement.

While strives to adhere to Do Not Track ("DNT") instructions that we receive from the browser of a visitor We cannot ensure we will always respond to DNT signals. will always be responsive to these signals, primarily due to the absence of a an industry standard that is common to DNT technology. We will continue to track the developments regarding DNT technology and remain informed about DNT standardization as the industry continues to develop.

Contact Information:
You can contact us with respect to any or all information stated above in this Privacy Policy / or if you need to update, change or remove your information or exercise any other rights, contact us